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Small Hacks, Big Impact: Making Workspaces Better

About This Course

Culture is key to creating a high performing work environment, but oftentimes we overlook the physical spaces and behaviors that make up the every day experience.

How our offices are designed and the interactions that they encourage affect employee communication, workflow, and idea creation. For this reason companies like Google, Facebook, and Pixar spend enormous resources on designing the right spaces for employees to be most productive and happy.

At IDEO, a global design and innovation consultancy, we work across industries to help organizations innovate, grow, and bring to market new ideas. By taking a human-centered approach to innovation, we have created experiences that transform businesses and the people that work within them.

IDEO's Experience Lead, Allie Mahler, will share insights from the design thinking process on how to transform workspaces to become more collaborative, open, and innovative.

Learn about the connection between space and creativity — and how you can use the tools you already have to transform your workplace and culture.

What Will I Learn:

  • How to make small physical changes to improve creativity
  • How to improve interactions by changing the space among people
  • How financial and physical constraints can actually increase creativity
  • How to use physical space to invite people to affect change
  • Why experience design is important for retaining employees
  • How to incorporate values into your workplace
  • How to tell stories through space design

Who Should Take this Course:

Industry professionals and leaders who are curious about how to increase collaboration and innovation in the workplace, or anyone who wants to incorporate a creative mindset into the way they think about their work.

Course Instructor:

Allie Mahler

Allie Mahler

Allie Mahler works at IDEO, where she focuses on designing environments for innovation, creating community within and outside IDEO's office walls, and fostering relationships that create greater impact. She also co-founded and created Be Social Change, a community and education platform that ignites the next generation of change makers who are creating bold and innovative social impact.

Previously, she joined the founding team of the Centre for Social Innovation in NYC, which built a co-working space and community of non-profits and social enterprises.