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Immersive Storytelling with 360-Degree Video and 3D Virtual Reality

About This Course

The recent explosion of 360-degree video and virtual reality has opened up new possibilities for visual storytelling. These emerging technologies enable storytellers to capture spaces and experiences from a new perspective, resulting in interactive and immersive content that transports media consumers into stories.

This webinar shows the basics for producing 360-degree videos, 360-degree photos and 3D virtual reality content. We'll help you find the best equipment, and share the best ways to use it all.

What Will I Learn:

  • When and how to leverage 360-degree videos, 360-degree photos and 3D virtual reality for storytelling
  • How to select a 360-degree camera
  • How to capture 360-degree video and sound
  • How post-production works with 360-degree video, and where to publish your content
  • How to produce 3D virtual reality content

Who Should Take this Course:

Reporters, photographers, videographers, producers, editors, investigative journalists, and any other storyteller interested in immersive storytelling with emerging technologies.

Course Instructor

Ben Kreimer

Ben Kreimer

As a journalism technologist, Ben Kreimer specializes in storytelling with drones, virtual reality, 360-degree video, 3D virtual reconstructions, and open source hardware sensor platforms. He brought 360-degree video to BuzzFeed as the first fellow in their San Francisco-based Open Lab, a media R&D space. Ben has co-produced many of BuzzFeed's 360-degree videos, including their first, which has received over six million views.

He is also an adviser for the Drone Journalism Lab and African skyCAM, and has worked with academic institutions and organizations including Columbia’s Tow Center for Digital Journalism, the University of Nebraska, Times of India, CCTV Africa, and the African Wildlife Foundation.