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Producing Great Audio Using Simple Tools

About This Course

There’s nothing worse than bad audio on the radio – or on your podcast or multimedia presentation. Fortunately, producing high-quality, compelling sound pieces doesn't require expensive microphones, digital recorders or software.

You will learn best practices for using microphones, tips for recording great interviews, and foolproof ways for gathering natural sound. You'll get the tips and skills to give your audio pieces that professional “public radio quality” sound no matter what your skill level or budget.

What Will I Learn:

    • How to choose equipment that won't break the bank
    • Best practices for microphone placement and handling
    • Choosing locations for interviews
    • Recording techniques for interviews, speeches, public events, natural sound, and other audio elements

  • Editing techniques that make your work sound polished
  • Solving common audio challenges.

Who Should Take this Course:

Anyone who creates audio content: radio producers, podcasters and people who produce audio for multimedia. This Webinar is for novice producers who want to learn best practices, and experienced producers who want to improve their techniques.

Course Instructor:

Adam Hochberg

Adam Hochberg is veteran radio journalist, Poynter Fellow, and lecturer at the University of North Carolina School of Media and Journalism. He spent 15 years as an NPR correspondent, shared the 2013 Edward R, Murrow Award for network radio investigative reporting, and has helped manage several public radio reporting collaborations. Five times in the past six years, SPJ has named his UNC students' weekly program the nation's "best all-around radio newscast." Hochberg also has taught journalism ethics and contributed to Poynter's "The New Ethics of Journalism: Principles for the 21st Century."