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How to Report on Money in College Sports and the NCAA

About This Course

Tracking the money in college sports can seem like a Byzantine exercise, especially where the NCAA is involved.

Whether you're a veteran sports reporter or a red-shirt freshman sports reporter, you'll find something new and helpful in this Webinar. You'll get a walk-through the current state of play and some tips on what to watch for — everything from paying players to a potential split in the top division.

Anyone who has tried to write about college sports has run into the need for sources, documents and data. You'll learn which college sports documents are available (for both private schools and NCAA schools) and how to get them — from spending to scholarships to infractions.


What Will I Learn?

  • How to ask for NCAA/school documents
  • What you can expect from the NCAA
  • Alternatives for private schools (990s and federal records)
  • How to cultivate sources
  • Tips on what's coming up in NCAA news

Who Should Take this Course?

Journalists who cover college sports teams or are interested in taking a deeper dive. Anyone who covers higher education or state government may also be interested.

Course Instructors

Steve Berkowitz

Steve Berkowitz is a sports projects reporter for USA Today. He has been involved in the development and ongoing work with annual databases of college sports compensation and the finances of schools, conferences and the NCAA. He also has covered many of the ongoing legal challenges to the NCAA, as well as the recent changes in the association's fundamental rules. He has been with USA Today since 2000, and previously worked for The Washington Post.

Jodi Upton

Jodi Upton

Jodi Upton is the Senior Database Editor at USA TODAY, where she leads the database team in analysis on stories on everything from product recalls to economics to Sports contracts. Her team supports breaking stories, longer projects and everything in between, as well as data-driven interactives. She was a John S. Knight Fellow at Stanford University and is a visiting scholar at Indiana University's National Sports Journalism Center. She previously worked at the Detroit News and other Gannett newspapers.

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