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Find Stories in Data Faster and Collaborate Better with A Digital Tools Tutorial

About This Course

Data journalism used to be a niche reporting skill, but the barriers are crumbling quickly.

Thanks to tools like, journalists of any expertise and career level can quickly find stories in data; collaborate on data projects with colleagues and with other newsrooms; add depth, relevance and vital context to their reporting; build trust with readers; and extend the life of their stories.

In this webinar, you'll learn how you can use to discover data relevant to your beat and community with structured search, tags and alerts. We'll share how to quickly slice national datasets by location, date, etc., then export and share subsets with your team. You'll learn to keep context within reach for you and your collaborators with annotated data dictionaries, easy documentation and activity feeds. And we'll also show how makes it easy to share ideas, powerful queries and exploratory visualizations with anyone — you control who sees what, and what collaborators can do.

This training event is part of a series on digital tools, supported by Google News Lab and in partnership with the American Press Institute and The Poynter Institute, funded by the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation.

Learn more about journalism tools with Try This! — Tools for Journalism on

What will I Learn

  • How to find the right data
  • How to slice data by copying and tweaking common SQL queries
  • Tips for uploading and documenting data you bring into the platform
  • Data collaboration basics
  • How to publish data and analysis for maximum impact

Who Should Take this Course

This webinar will help journalists at any point along the data literacy journey use data more effectively — individually and collaboratively.

Course Instructor

Ian Greenleigh

Ian Greenleigh is Director of Marketing at, and the author of The Social Media Side Door. Prior to, Ian worked as Digital Strategist at The Economist, Director of Marketing at Olapic, and Senior Manager of Content and Social Strategy at Bazaarvoice. He is passionate about investigative and data-driven journalism, data literacy, and the power of networks. Ian lives in Austin, Texas.