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Using Design Thinking to Build New News Products

About This Course

Creating high-quality products takes time and people, both of which can be in short supply. An iterative process lets you explore ways to make more work repeatable and reusable.

This Webinar will look at better technology, tools and processes we can use to make production easier.

Vox Media's Yuri Victor will talk about the importance of an integrated newsroom to help innovation and revenue generation. Vox is set up in such a way as to promote agile and nimble news products that allow users to make the most of the content and information available.

What Will I Learn?

  • How to apply a design-thinking approach to the development process
  • How to use an iterative process to build reusable products
  • How to create and use tools to help products scale

Who Should Take This Course?

Product managers, developers and designers, entrepreneurs, and anyone who wants to know more about the development process.

Course Instructor

Yuri Victor

Yuri Victor

Yuri Victor is a senior user experience designer at Vox Media. He spends most of his time in the Vox newsroom melding design, programming and journalism. He’s worked in almost every newsroom role (reporter, editor, page designer, photographer) and in multiple departments (editorial, IT, marketing, advertising) and even had a stint pushing 600 pound rolls of paper around the pressroom. He most recently worked at The Washington Post where he helped introduce a new CMS and worked on some cool projects: The Grid, Liveblog, Know More and Truth Teller. He also sometimes helps build stuff for ONA and SND and contributes to open source projects like WordPress.

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