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Designing Beyond Print: Owning Your Work Across Platforms

About This Course

This webinar is an exploration of expanding the presentation of your stories beyond print. There are all forms of digital design, from longform enterprise stories and quick alternative story forms, to optimizing how a story appears on social media and getting artwork and illustrations online.

There are countless platforms that need a designer's touch. The first step is to stop thinking of yourself as a print designer.

What Will I Learn?

  • How to think about storytelling with a digital focus
  • What constitutes a digital contribution
  • What sort of role social media should play in planning and presentation
  • Ideas for telling stories on different platforms

Who Should Take This Course?

Print designers, digital designers, people who want to branch into digital design and thinking or anyone involved in the presentation of a story online (producers, social media managers, etc.) will benefit from the lessons presented in this webinar.

Course Instructors

Virginia Singarayar

Virginia Singarayar

Virginia Singarayar is a sports and news designer at The Washington Post. She's a Colorado native and a die-hard Broncos fan. Virginia previously worked at the Minneapolis Star Tribune and interned at The Denver Post. She is an active member of the Society for News Design and serves on the competition committee for the annual Best of News Design Creative Competition.

Matthew Callahan

Matthew Callahan

Matthew Callahan is a designer, tinkerer, visual journalist for The Washington Post. His interests include beards, beer and station wagons. Follow him on twitter @mg_callahan or on Instagram @matthewgcallahan. Matthew previously worked at the Tampa Bay Times and interned at The Boston Globe and The New York Times.

Training Partner

The Society for News Design

The Society for News Design

The Society for News Design (SND) is an international organization for news media professionals and visual communicators – specifically those who create print, web, and mobile publications and products. Our members art direct, design, edit, report, illustrate, photograph and record video, visualize data & and write code.

Founded in 1979, it is a U.S.-registered non-profit organization with around 1,500 members worldwide. Among other activities, we host an annual Best of News Design competition open to newspapers and magazines from around the world, and a yearly conference (rotating through various cities) that brings in visual journalists from all over the world.

This webinar is FREE for members of the Society for News Design (SND). Watch your member email to get details about the promocode to enroll for free.

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