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The New Journalism Front Page Is on Your Phone

About This Course

In 2014 we passed the 50 percent mark — most news organizations get half of their digital traffic from mobile screens. And that will only increase. A mobile experience shouldn’t just be content that is repurposed onto a smaller screen.

The transition to mobile isn't easy. It requires rethinking technology, workflow, editorial product and more. There is no shortage of hard problems to solve in the mobile space. Even the biggest players like the New York Times and CNN are learning on the job. But some lessons have been learned already and if you want to take mobile seriously, there are certain do's and don'ts that we can already discuss as an industry.

David Cohn has been reaching out to mobile editors and leaders from organizations ranging from McClatchy to American Public Media, CNN, BBC and Los Angeles Times to help distill some of the best industry lessons and trends.

What Will I Learn:

  • How to assess your current mobile situation
  • General trends in mobile news habits
  • General approaches to non-article storytelling
  • How to design content for a mobile environment
  • About a range of mobile-based storytelling ideas and projects
  • The power of mobile and push notifications

Who Should Take this Course:

Editors, writers, producers, designers and anyone who is working on a mobile product or wants to. This Webinar is also for newsroom leaders who need to think about future mobile strategy.

Course Instructor:

David Cohn

David Cohn is an executive producer at AJ+, part of Al Jazeera's research and development arm. They are building a mobile product to re-think how a broadcast organization’s content works in a mobile digital space. Before that he was the chief content officer at Circa, one of the first mobile-only news operations which pioneered "atomized" news. During his career he has worked on some of the first experiments in distributed reporting, social journalism and crowdfunding.