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How to Power Your Reporting With Social Media

About This Course

A flood of news, gossip, ideas and more comes at journalists constantly--especially through social media. How do you find story ideas, cultivate sources, build your brand and develop your audience? How do you make sense of this 24/7 news cycle, no matter what beat you cover?

Poynter's Ben Mullin will show you how to be as confident working a beat from your laptop as you are walking in your community.

What Will I Learn:

  • How to build a custom news feed that keeps you abreast of the most important trends
  • How to harness automation to turn the Internet into a tip line
  • How to be a Twitter power user who can spot and report trending stories as they break
  • How to cultivate audiences on Twitter and Facebook who will share your work and pass along story ideas
  • How to eavesdrop on social media chatter to find stories before they become public

Who Should Take this Course:

Any journalist who wants to make their journalism urgent and relevant--beat reporters, line editors, television producers, radio broadcasters, bloggers and audience development managers and every journalist.

Course Instructor

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Benjamin Mullin

Benjamin Mullin is the managing editor at In that capacity, he sets the direction of one of the best-read media blogs in the United States in addition to his work as a reporter, editor and audience development manager. He started at Poynter as a Google Journalism fellow in 2014; before that, he was a contributor to USA TODAY college, the editor in chief of his college newspaper and an intern at a variety of newspapers throughout Northern California.