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Endorsements: Why Do News Organizations Even Bother?

About This Course

In the world of newspaper editorials, few positions are as widely anticipated and widely debated as election endorsements, or recommendations. But in a polarized age influenced by partisan media, are endorsements still useful? Do they make a difference in local or national elections?.

Miami Herald Editorial Page Editor Nancy Ancrum and Jennifer Hemmingsen, opinion editor for The (Cedar Rapids, Iowa) Gazette, asked editorial page editors around the country to describe their endorsement process and how it has changed. In this webinar, they will share what they learned.

What Will I Learn?

  • Different approaches to the endorsement process
  • How endorsements are changing and how readers have responded to those changes
  • Why some newspaper editorial boards find value in endorsements while others decline to make endorsements or recommendations

Who Should Take this Course?

Newspaper publishers, senior executives, editorial page and opinion editors, opinion writers, journalism instructors and anyone else interested in the future of political endorsements.

Course Instructors

Nancy Ancrum

Nancy Ancrum

Nancy Ancrum is Editorial Page Editor for the Miami Herald and co-chair of the ASNE committee on opinion journalism.

Jennifer Hemmingsen

Jennifer Hemmingsen

Jennifer Hemmingsen is Opinion Editor of The (Cedar Rapids, Iowa) Gazette and co-chair of the ASNE committee on opinion journalism.


American Society of News Editors

American Society of News Editors

The American Society of News Editors, founded in 1922 as a nonprofit professional organization, focuses on leadership development and journalism-related issues. ASNE promotes fair, principled journalism, defends and protects First Amendment rights, and fights for freedom of information and open government. Leadership, innovation, diversity and inclusion in coverage and the journalism work force, youth journalism and the sharing of ideas are also key ASNE initiatives.

Training Partner

The Association of Opinion Journalists

The Association of Opinion Journalists

The Association of Opinion Journalists is a nonprofit professional organization and educational foundation that exists to improve the quality of opinion writing in newspapers, in broadcasting and online, and to promote high standards among opinion writers and editors. The organization was founded in 1947 as The National Conference of Editorial Writers (NCEW) and renamed itself AOJ in 2012. The former NCEW Foundation became AOJ Foundation and continues as AOJ.

This $29.95 webinar is free thanks to the generous support of ASNE.

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