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Emerging Social Platforms for News: Introduction and Best Practices

About This Course

You see these video streams popping up in your Twitter feed, you watch Snapchat stories from big news organizations. You know you need to be sharing your own news on these emerging platforms, but maybe you don't know where to start. New visual platforms are popping up all the time. How do you experiment and build a following?

NowThis is a news organization that hosts content exclusively on platforms across the social web. NowThis exists solely on social platforms, so they're keenly aware of what it takes to be successful on each platform. The key is knowing how content is consumed on a platform, so you know how to create storytelling that succeeds.

This Webinar gives the background on the most popular social media platforms, and explores best practices for using social media to share your reporting, develop a following and engage with your community.

What Will I Learn:

  • The landscape of social media platforms
  • How to decide which story goes on which platforms
  • How to understand what is working on NowThis platforms
  • How to quickly adapt for new platforms

Who Should Take this Course:

The Webinar is designed for journalists who want to insight into social media platforms and want to find and build audiences in unconventional platforms for news.

Course Instructor

Dhiya Kuriakose

Dhiya Kuriakose is a senior producer and strategist at NowThis. Aside from working with the data team and providing insights and strategy for the editorial, she runs the emerging platforms team at NowThis. Dhiya graduated from the Columbia Graduate School of Journalism.