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Cultivate Innovation: Make Room for Play at Work

About This Course

Some of the most successful companies in the world — Google, Toyota, 3M — make time for employee innovation. Yet the news industry, which needs fresh ideas more than ever, has largely ignored this trend in favor of hierarchical organization and strict job roles.

How can they keep up?

HLN is reinventing itself, from the newsrooms and studios, and they’re doing it by prioritizing play.

As it turns out, when we step away from our screens and give ourselves permission to play, wonderful things can happen - and it can even help create a competitive advantage for our brands. In this Webinar, we'll talk about why it makes sense for all of us to make play a big part of what we do at work, and how that in turn makes work more productive and innovative in every way.

See some examples of how HLN has built a culture of play and startup-led inspiration, and why it makes sense for all of us to make play a big part of what we do at work.

What Will I Learn:

  • Why play is a recent global trend
  • How play provides a competitive advantage for brands
  • Wonderful, inspiring (and low cost!) examples of how to play at work
  • How play fuels innovation from the bottom up
  • How to incorporate elements of startup culture into your newsroom
  • Why permission is key
  • The importance of leading by example

Karyn Lu

Karyn Lu

Karyn Lu

Karyn Lu is Director of Product Strategy & Partnerships at HLN, a network currently reinventing itself as an all-screens home for the social media generation. Previously, Karyn was the lead futurist/trendspotter at Turner Broadcasting, and a UX designer at, where she co-founded CNN iReport.

Karyn is a frequent public speaker on the topics of play, innovation and workplace culture, and has been featured at TEDxCentennialParkWomen and Creative Mornings Atlanta. She (not so secretly) aspires to hold the title “Chief Happiness Officer” one day. She holds a M.S. in Digital Media from Georgia Tech and a B.A. in English Literature from Wellesley College. Outside of work, Karyn plays violin with Atlanta-based band Oryx & Crake. She lives in Atlanta with her husband Keith, their son Leo and dog Sputnik.