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The Inner Life of Grammar

About This Course

You've mastered agreement; you know how to make a sentence parallel; pronouns give you no trouble. But do you know what a fused participle is, how to use the hortatory subjunctive or when you need a double genitive? The inner workings of grammar don't have to be a mystery. This Webinar delves deeply into the mechanics of English, so that when you encounter a sentence that "just doesn't sound right" you'll know why -- and you'll know how to fix it.

What Will I Learn:

  • How to define five tricky "problem areas" of English
  • How these constructions work
  • How to identify mistakes in these areas
  • How to fix mistakes or rewrite more clearly

Who Should Take this Course:

Writers, editors, students, teachers, reporters and those who are interested in improving their grammar.

Course Instructor:

Lisa McLendon

Lisa McLendon runs the Bremner Editing Center at the University of Kansas journalism school, where she also teaches editing and grammar. She has previously worked as a copy editor and book reviewer at the Wichita (Kan.) Eagle and as a copy editor, designer and desk chief at the Denton (Texas) Record-Chronicle.