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Tools for Mobile Journalism 2015

About This Course

Modern smartphones are faster than the computers at some of our desks. Their screens pack more pixels into a smaller camera and the images they produce are often indiscernible from those from professional models. Our audiences, too, are using smartphones to consume our content more and more.

And yet we still do most of our work on desktops and laptops.

This Webinar points out the apps and tools to take advantage of the phone you always carry in your pocket. You will learn to use your iOS or Android device to save you time and energy and make your journalism stronger.


View a text document with links to all of the apps included in this Webinar

What Will I Learn:

  • Why thinking mobile first will make you a more powerful journalist
  • Apps and tools for reporting, photojournalism, social media, security and more
  • How to build effective workflows to fit these into your busy workday

Who Should Take this Course:

Reporters, photojournalists, editors, producers and others who want to cover news faster and better in the mobile age. Smartphone platforms will include iOS and Android.

Course Instructor:

Ren LaForme

Ren LaForme

Ren LaForme is an Interactive Learning Producer at Poynter's News University, but strongly prefers his vanity title, Executive Director of Awesome. He is one half of the duo responsible for #40BetterHours, a project to improve the workweek, and runs the Knight-funded digital tools catalog. He is also the cofounder of ONA's Tampa Bay chapter and cofounder of Tampa Bay Media Digital, a meetup group for locals who work in news media or on the Internet.

Born in Lockport, New York, LaForme credits his interest in news to reading newspapers with his grandfather as a child. He earned an M.A. in journalism and media studies from the University of South Florida St. Petersburg in summer 2013. For his culminating work, he created a “Snow Fall”-like online journalism project about the oyster town of Apalachicola, Florida (it was mostly just an excuse to eat oysters).

LaForme has presented for the Blue Ocean Film Festival, Society of Professional Journalists, Association of Food Journalists, Edward R. Murrow Program, ESPN, and more.