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In Real-Life Engagement with News Events

About This Course

Before there was Facebook and Twitter, email and cellphones, there was real-time, face-to-face conversation where ideas were presented, positions debated, solutions brainstormed.

The Texas Tribune is renowned for building events that hearken back to these old-school solutions, partially due to the vision of CEO and editor-in-chief Evan Smith. "Events are journalism, events are content," he says.

We'll focus on producing editorial events to engage your audience and generate revenue.

We'll talk through how to create a great program (the key to building audiences!), keep the costs low and generate income. We'll also help you strategize about how to best deploy your resources: your staff, your partner organization's staff and contributions, and technology.


Poynter_NewsEvents_Webinar.pdf Event Planning Guide - Template - Google Docs.pdf

What Will I Learn:

  • How to identify your target audiences and develop an event format to reach them
  • How to budget and plan a low cost, high impact news event
  • Tips on partnering and negotiating to keep costs low
  • How editorial and business teams can work together
  • How to develop promotional and post-event outreach plans

Who Should Take this Course:

Anyone within a media organization looking to produce editorial events.

Course Instructor

Agnes Varnum

Agnes Varnum

Agnes Varnum has been with The Texas Tribune for over three years. She previously served in membership and marketing at the Austin Film Society. Before moving to Texas, Agnes held positions with Icarus Films, the Center for Social Media at American University and as a freelance writer for and Documentary magazine. She has worked on the AFI Fest in LA, Independent Film Week in NYC, and she has served on programming committees for Silverdocs, Newport International Film Festival, AOL True Stories (now Snag Films) and SXSW.