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Finding and Nurturing the Secret Stories Others Miss

About This Course

Whether working a beat, doing freelance writing or writing audio or video scripts, it’s easy to get stuck cranking out the same kind of stories. But most of us have a feeling deep inside, a calling for a story that is haunting us.

What does it take it break out of a pattern and go after the gem of a story you’ve always wanted to tell? How do you find those stories, and more importantly, nurture them in a busy newsroom or a chaotic job?

This webinar will delve into ways to look at your beat or field of expertise with fresh eyes and notice the clues that may lead you to a wonderful story. You’ll hear tales from the front lines about being burdened by too many stories, as well as the moment of epiphany, when you realize you can break out and do the stories no one will forget.

What Will I Learn?

  • How to take stock of the hundred acres of your writing territory
  • Strategies to spot stories by stepping up your curiosity, casting a wider net and paying attention to details
  • Understand what it means to follow your ghosts
  • How to scrutinize the context and frame of your story, so you can find ways to focus it
  • Develop the philosophy to protect and nurture the fragile beginnings of a story through the inevitable storms of newsrooms and life
  • Let go of cynicism. Realize you always need to go one more step

Who Should Take this Course:

Reporters and writers from rookies to veterans who want to take their work and their stories to the next level.

Course Instructor

Diana K. Sugg

Diana K. Sugg

Diana K. Sugg is a senior editor for enterprise/projects at The Baltimore Sun, where she loves to nurture stories and reporters. Previously, she was a veteran beat reporter whose crime and medical coverage won national prizes. She worked at the Associated Press in Philadelphia, The Spartanburg (S.C.) Herald-Journal, The Sacramento Bee and The Baltimore Sun, where she won the 2003 Pulitzer Prize for beat reporting. Her work has been featured in the country’s most popular journalism textbooks, and she’s spoken widely to journalists around the country about reporting and learning to follow your heart.

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