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How to sell online advertising

About This Course

Local online advertising continues to grow rapidly; companies need to have a fresh and appealing product line to to meet this demand.

In this course, you will learn to evaluate the “three-pillar” approach to successful digital sales strategies. This will mean taking a look at the structure of your company, training needs and the viability of your products. Find out how each of these can impact the sales of your digital products.

Not all advertisers can afford to advertise in newspapers or television. But digital advertising is extremely flexible and can be tailored to any budget or business need. The digital media can capitalize on this growth area by offering products that target the needs of small and medium-sized businesses. Upon completing this course, you'll understand the need for developing a digital product line to sell rather than marketing one product to fit all needs.

What Will I Learn:

  • How to evaluate the ways the structure of media organizations, including your own, impacts sales
  • How to develop and execute effective training for sales staff, for both basic advertising and digital sales
  • How to evaluate which products sell and why
  • How to develop products that can sell

Who Should Take This Course:

Advertising, digital revenue and digital product development professionals who want to develop sales strategies that work.

Course Staff

Christian A. Hendricks

Christian A. Hendricks

Christian A. Hendricks became vice president of interactive media for the McClatchy Co. in Sacramento, California in 1999. He joined the company in 1992 as advertising manager, marketing for The Fresno Bee, and the following year became its marketing director. In 1994 he was named manager of technology for McClatchy, and held this position until 1996 when he was promoted to president and publisher of Nando Media, McClatchy's Internet publishing company. He remained there until taking his current position in 1999.

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    3 to 4 hours