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Short Documentary Storytelling: How to Create Successful, Shareable Video

About This Course

Short documentary films have sky-rocketed in popularity with the rise of the internet and the falling cost of quality gear. How do you tell a compelling video story that people want to share?

This webinar delves into the making of successful short documentaries. What do you leave on the cutting room floor? How much do you capture? How do you deal with difficult topics? How do you break through to a difficult character? What clues should you to listen and look for to find what the story is really about?

While we will focus on videos that are about 10 minutes (which is very long from a journalistic perspective), you'll learn there is no "right" length or platform for successful, shareable video. You'll also learn that strong content is your key to a story that resonates with your audience.


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What Will I Learn:

  • How to know what material to keep and what to cut
  • How to find clues to the heart of the story
  • Techniques for getting the most out of interviews
  • Editing techniques to help you stay organized
  • How to keep up with the story over a long period of time
  • When to know you have the story. No more shooting!
  • When to know you have the story. No more editing!

Who Should Take this Course:

Filmmakers, longform video journalists, staff at video production companies and anyone who wants to learn the techniques of short video that resonates with viewers.

Course Instructor

Darren Durlach

Darren Durlach

Darren Durlach is the Director at Early Light Media. Previously, he was a senior multimedia producer for The Boston Globe and before that, senior photojournalist at WBFF-TV in Baltimore, Md. He has won the Ernie Crisp National Photographer of the Year title three times. After winning more than 80 other national and regional awards, including 11 Emmys and two b-roller of the year awards, Darren credits his success to the countless hours his colleagues and mentors have spent sharing their knowledge with him.

Honored to give back to the profession that has given him so much, Durlach has spoken at conventions and workshops around the country and finds nothing more rewarding than spending time with other eager storytellers.

Durlach enjoys spending time with his wife, Kathryn, and mutt, Maggie.