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Internal Communication Without Email: Slack for Newsrooms

About This Course

Have you ever lost a great idea because you didn't see the email? Left a time-sensitive email to languish in your Drafts folder? Wasted precious time searching for a message or an attachment?

Instead of bemoaning how much time you spend checking your email, maybe it's time to think about using a tool that will make your organization's communication more effective.

Newsrooms are made up of moving parts that work together to produce complex, compelling stories. Slack can be the hub of your internal communications that connects the moving parts to ensure that information is getting to the right people at the right time.

Organizations of all kinds can (and do) use Slack for internal communication. This Webinar will teach you how to use Slack effectively so you can bring all your communication together in one place, instantly searchable, wherever you go.

What Will I Learn:

  • Why real-time communication is crucial in today’s news ecosystem
  • How to use Slack to solve common communication challenges
  • How to use Slack to connect individuals and departments working in different locations
  • How to leverage Slack’s search and file sharing capabilities as a story and information archive for your newsroom

Who Should Take this Course:

Anyone who works on a team and would like to improve communication.

Course Instructor:

Christina Meng

Christina Meng is on Slack's Accounts team and is based in Vancouver, Canada. Prior to joining Slack, Christina worked in various Newsrooms both in front of and behind the camera. Christina still dabbles in some journalism in her spare time and understands firsthand how Slack improves the way journalists, videographers, producers and writers communicate with each other. She is currently working with many media companies and is excited for this opportunity to merge her passions for Slack and journalism!