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Tell Stories with Data using Tableau Public: A Digital Tools Tutorial

About This Course

Tableau Public 8.2 is the premier tool for journalists to discover stories within data sets and share them with the public. Anyone familiar with Microsoft Office can easily create data visualizations that are engaging, visually appealing and interactive with Tableau Public.

To give you an idea of what you can do with Tableau Public and Story Points, check out this example:

Les Accidents de la Route en France Metropolitaine en 2012

Make sure you come prepared by completing these tasks before your session:

  1. Install Tableau Public 8.2
  2. Create a Tableau Public account
  3. Download the sample dataset

This is part two in a series about how to use Tableau Public for journalists. Part one, on Oct. 14, covered how to find quality data and build standalone visualizations. Watch Richly Interactive Data Graphics with Tableau Public: A Digital Tools Tutorial here.

This session builds upon the investigative and data presentation procedures covered in part one. It is designed as an introductory demonstration to Tableau’s investigative and publication features.

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What Will I Learn?

  • How to combine data visualizations into a serial narrative using the Story Points feature
  • How to highlight specific aspects of data visualizations to build upon the story
  • How to publish a Story Points visualization to the Web and share them with the public

Who Should Take this Course?

Journalists interested in expanding their investigative capabilities and autonomy in creating visualizations for data driven articles published on the Web.

Course Instructor

Andrew Cheung

Andrew Cheung

Andrew Cheung is a Data Analyst at Tableau Software. He works with journalists to discover hidden stories in data sets and publish them on the Web as engaging, interactive and accessible data visualizations. He is especially interested in communicating economic, environmental and scientific information to the public in an easy-to-digest manner.


The Knight Foundation

The Knight Foundation

The John S. and James L. Knight Foundation advances journalism in the digital age and invests in the vitality of communities where the Knight brothers owned newspapers. Knight Foundation focuses on projects that promote community engagement and lead to transformational change.

Training Partner

American Press Institute

American Press Institute

The American Press Institute conducts research and training, convenes thought leaders and creates tools to help chart a path for journalism in the 21st century. The organization was founded in 1946 with the mission to help the news industry fulfill the purpose of the First Amendment, sustaining a free press in the public interest. That mission continues today.

This $30 course is free thanks to the generous support of the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation.

Frequently Asked Questions

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