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Grappling with Graphic Images

About This Course

Digital cameras and smartphones make it easier than ever to capture a dizzying array of images. Many of those can be graphic or gruesome. How do you decide what, where or whether to publish visually explicit photos and video?

This one-hour Webinar will explore some of the issues surrounding the choices that journalists face. We will help you weigh the ethical considerations and develop a framework for decision-making.

What Will I Learn?

  • Ethical considerations of publishing images in the digital age
  • How to understand the impact of images on your audience
  • How to identify the stakeholders affected by your decisions
  • Alternatives for presentation of video and still images
  • Coaches and resources for more help

Who Should Take This Course?

Any journalist who takes part in selecting which images should be published in print, on television or online.

Course Instructor

Kenny Irby

Kenny Irby

Kenny Irby is Poynter’s senior faculty of visual journalism and diversity. He is an integral figure in visual journalism education, having founded Poynter’s photojournalism program in 1995. He teaches and consults in the areas of digital photographic reporting, leadership, ethical decision making and diversity integration.

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