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Community Engagement and Your News Organization

About This Course

Community engagement is key to survival in a complicated news and information environment. Whether that means social media, community coffee shop hours, live chats or more robust comments depends on you. Each news organization should be able to articulate what it most values in community outreach, conversation and collaboration.

This Webinar will help guide your news organization to the kind of relationship it needs with its community and the strategy to build that relationship.

What Will I Learn?

  • Identify what your newsroom’s priorities are in relationship to its community or audience.
  • Ask questions to help your staffing, structure and coverage reflect those priorities.
  • Brainstorm specific strategies to build a engaged, connected relationship with your community.

Who Should Take This Course?

Anyone in leadership positions developing their organizations' strategies to build relationships and community engagement.

Course Instructor

Joy Mayer

Joy Mayer

Joy Mayer, an engagement strategist, focuses on the evolving notion of audience engagement in journalism — how communicators can foster two-way conversations, collaborate with their communities and know who they’re serving and how well they’re doing it. She is a consulting fellow at the Reynolds Journalism and an adjunct faculty member at the Missouri School of Journalism and The Poynter Institute. During 13 years as an associate professor at MU, she created an engagement curriculum and a community outreach team in the Columbia Missourian newsroom and taught Web design and print design.

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