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Five Simple Ways to Write More Clearly

About This Course

Five Simple Ways to Write More Clearly will give you the diagnostic tools you need to make your writing more clear and persuasive. Whether you're writing for print or online, these basic strategies will improve your work.

What Will I Learn?

  • How counting to 20 is the first step to sharper writing
  • How to recognize red flags that lead to complex, wordy writing
  • The power and pitfalls of different punctuation
  • The writing devices that hinder smooth writing
  • How to avoid the "noun disease" that makes your writing soft and flabby

Who Should Take this Course?

This course is designed for anyone who feels as if his or her writing could be sharper and more concise.

Course Instructor

Michael Schwartz

Michael Schwartz is the former manager of editorial training for Cox Newspapers. During his tenure as training editor, he developed dozens of newsroom training courses that were delivered in the classroom as well as through Web seminars. e has been a guest speaker at The Poynter Institute, the American Press Institute, the Colorado Press Association, the Virginia Press Association and the National Press Club.

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